Fight the Good Fight of Faith
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Hey hey hey. I'm Catherine. I'm a HARDCORE Catholic. God is number one in my life and nothing can change that. I've been through some crap in my life and I constantly screw up, but God's never quit on me and I'm not going to quit on Him. The title of my blog comes from 1 Timothy 6:12, which says, "Fight the good fight of faith and hold on to the eternal life to which you have been given." I actually have "fighter" and "1 Timothy 6:12" tattooed on my right wrist. It's a reminder that no matter how hard life gets, you've gotta keep going. This is stuff that I think is funny, awesome, witty, or describes me where I'm at in life right now. It's going to be a mix of everything. It's me. Welcome to the ridiculously complicated mind of Catherine. Don't get lost ;)

Each of us can say to the tempter, ‘Unlike you, I have not yet become an outcast from heaven through my pride. By my baptism I have become one with him. It is you that should fall prostrate before me.’
— St. Gregory Nazianzen


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